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    About Srilankan Coral

    Srilankan Coral Sri Lanka Coral

    One of the most popular Gemstones in India it is seen in the fingers of people across the length and breadth of the country. Being a Gemstone which is not very costly it is worn across the social strata’s. Since ancient times, at the time of marriage, a Sri Lanka Coral Stone is gifted to the boy by the girls father and one Sri Lanka Coral is gifted by boys father to the girl in the states of Bengal, Assam, Manipur and in all the hill areas of Himalayas. This custom is also prevalent in Nepal and Bhutan.

    It is the Gem of Lord Hanumanjee the god of strength. In Astrology Sri Lanka Coral Stone is considered to be the Gem of Mars. It is used with great benefits by those born in the zodiac signs ruled by Mars i.e., Aries and Scorpio. It is also worn by people born in Leo, Sagittarius, Pisces and Cancer.

    Sri Lanka Coral Stone is used in infuse enthusiasm in people who are unable to perform due to lack of internal strength and push from inside. It improves the general energy level of individuals and gives them inner energy to struggle against the environment that is always trying to slow down or create hurdles in the path of progress.

    Sri Lanka Coral Stone is recommended to people who are suffering from muscular weakness. In the border sense Sri Lanka Coral Stone is recommended to people who are suffering from any kind of weakness emotional, physical or in interaction with the society at large.

    I have been using Sri Lanka Coral Stone in number of cases where there is need for energy. Big Sri Lanka Coral Stones of 11.25 ratti plus sizes are often used to give quick results. In marriage related problems Corals bring instant benefits if properly recommended and the Coral Stone have a strong Aura.

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